Friday 10.24.14

Front Squats: Find your new 3 rep max
Press: Find your new 3 rep max

3 min of Pull ups
1 min rest
3 min of Air Squats
1 min rest
3 min of KB Swings

Post Comments and Work Completed.

Thursday 10.23.14

In 25 minutes complete the following
2000 M Row
AMRAP of the following:
10 OHS (95, 65)
20 Wall Balls (20, 14)
40 DUs
60 m Sprint

Post Comments and Work Completed.

ROD 10.22.14

When everyone at school is speaking one language, and a lot of your classmates’ parents also speak it, and you go home and see that your community is different – there is a sense of shame attached to that. It really takes growing up to treasure the specialness of being different. ~ Sonia Sotomayor

We have something very unique going on at the tank. Sometimes we look outside the tank to others and we see we are different and we start to question ourselves. I assure you …. the difference that you see at the tank is that good kinda different. Its that cutting edge different that in 10 years when you look back you will say … whats the big deal … I have been living that way for a decade and so were my kids.

Sometimes the comments that people write are better than the blog itself =). This was the case yesterday …. the following are a few posts that I found to be moving and capture the spirit of the feedback I got from the blog. I wish to thank everyone that posted a comment yesterday – it was very nice to receive such heartfelt appreciation.

Monster (Yo Yo’s Father)
Very proud of the accomplishments and guidance that YoYO receives from Beta and Koi’s programming. I have seen the obvious physical changes and strength of my daughter change dramatically in the last year. The other changes I have seen is confidence, self esteem, desire to be the best are just a few of the things The Tank has given Justine. Those are the most valuable qualities and attributes that I desire for all of my kids. Everyday YOYO walks into the Tank she strong, athletic woman and I couldn’t be happier with the example that all of you show her. She works harder everyday because of what she sees her coach and the other woman push themselves to be better. I can’t thank all of you enough for the work you put in everyday.

Beta (Yo Yo and Bogo’s Coach)
Thanks for the well-written blog, Koi. I really appreciate the Tank community’s support for our youth. The central goal of the program is to make a positive impact on as many kids as possible and to instill the idea that fitness should be a really fun, life-long journey. Strength gains and physical changes are healthy bi-products. We get really excited about big PBs when we’re in the mood to test 1 rep maxes, but that isn’t our emphasis. These kids are all amazingly strong, but what’s better is that they move incredibly well. They put in work 3-4 days per week and live their active lives. And hopefully wherever life takes them, they will keep lifting and share the knowledge they’ve learned at the Tank with their friends. <><

To the Tank Teens: you guys rock! Keep raising the bar :)

So great to hear about all the fantastic things going on at the Tank, I am a very proud Tank family member! From Tank Teens to our regular classes to the newly developed Fossil class, three inspiring leaders are changing the lives of all sorts of people. Koi, Beta and Sole…kudos to you folks!! I see the accomplishments of young and old and realize just how fortunate we are to have our Tank Community. I am looking forward to my son taking part in the Tank Teen program in years to come, I look forward to myself taking part in the Fossil class someday, it is inspiring to know there is a long healthy road ahead of all of us led by some pretty special people!

To Boga and YoYo and all the Tank Teens, keep telling your Crossfit stories to whoever will listen because you deserve to tell your story, you work hard and clearly your hard work is paying off…Bravo!!!

Penguin (a former crossfit kids athlete who has transitioned beatifully into our adult program)
Absolutely inspiring to see young people like these two consistently making an effort to strengthen themselves for not only today or tomorrow, but for years down the road. Being involved as a crossfit teen is indeed such a privilege, and there is nothing more satisfying then recognizing the gratitude other trainees have for such individuals. Boga’s and YoYo’s achievements deserve to be noticed, appreciated, and shared with everyone that is a part of the tank community. We all started off as beginners, but it takes a true athlete to work their way upwards and achieve their long term goals. Congratulations to the both of you for showing those beginners the achievements that you have the ability to attain in the long run! Your work definitely does not go unnoticed. Keep working hard,