Tuesday 08.04.15

Front Squats:
1) Find your new 1 Rep Max
2) (80/2)6

7 min AMRAP
7 SDLHP (95,65)
14 Tuck Ups

Coaches Intent
1) We are re-testing your ability to perform a front squat. Please work up to a heavy single and then continue to add weight until you fail.
2) Once you have established your 1 rep max – please use 80% of your 1 rep max to perform six sets of doubles with 2 to 3 min rest in between sets.
3) The 1 rep max front squat is a mandatory training task this week for each and every athlete. If you are unable to train today you will have an opportunity to perform your 1 rep max front squat the next day you train =). This requirement obviously does not include athletes that are unable to do a maximal lift due to injury.

Post Comments and Work Completed.

ROD 08.03.15

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. ~ Confucius

Training for general physical preparedness is difficult because of the broadness of athleticism we are trying to achieve. With so many avenues of athleticism to cover, so many movements and skills to master, it often feels like we are not making significant or frequent gains. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to discuss how The Tank can assist you in achieving your current health and athletic goals. A set of up-to-date goals along with a specific plan to work toward achieving them can boost motivation and be a catalyst for change.

The best time to discuss your goals will be at the new OG times during the week (10 AM till 12PM). If there is something you wish to discuss with me in private then I suggest a one-on-one meeting, but if you are open to sharing your goals with others then it will be more efficient to meet in smallish groups. Meetings will take approximately 30 minutes depending on what we cover and how many people are in a group. Txt me to if you want to set something up.


ROD 08.01.15

Changes =)

In August, I am going to experiment with keeping The Tank open all morning. So every weekday I will open the doors at 5 AM and they will stay open till 1:00 PM. This change will have to wait till Tuesday, since The Tank is closed on Monday for the holiday. Mornings will play out as follows:

5 – Third Eye
6 – Red Eye
7 – Pink Eye
8 – Fossil Fitness
9 – Breakfast Club
10 – Open Gym
11 – Open Gym
12 – Nooner

Hope this small but significant change in the schedule helps people find time to train and reach their goals.