When people sleep most times they do not hear themselves at all. The body is at rest that time and any event that may take place that moment one cannot be able to recollect any act. At night or even during day time people snore when they sleep. Most people have taken this act as normal occurrence hence there have never been a serious discussion on how to control the act. At extreme points marriages have broken in many homes simply because of a snoring partner. The curious ones have tried many snoring remedies to stop the act of snoring. Many methods or prevention measures have been undertaken. In the article we are going to look at how to prevent this act gradually by practicing five a day dose of abstaining from snoring.

Is it really easy to stop snoring in five minutes?

Most people when they get to find that they are snoring at night the first thing they do is to go straight to the chemist and ask the pharmacist with any kind of medicine or anti-snoring devices that may help them to restrain. This way one may be corned and extorted their money. With research more and effective methods have been discovered that may help one fight the condition. The only way that may bore fruits is one to always train there throat on how to control the muscles that are found there. These daily workout do not cost anything simply because it is something that one has to practice on their own at their free time. The condition is all about loosening of the throat muscles that need simple tightening through exercise. Since the process is achieved gradually, one has to exercise discipline when taking the sessions of training the throat because the daily progress when training counts in order to achieve the wanted results. The exercise is more of yoga but these one is done at the mouth and the results at most instances occur during the first workout. There simple steps that one has to follow in order to achieve full restrain from snoring. Read more.


These happens when one stretches his or her tongue out and exercise it by touching the chin, nose, left and right cheek repeatedly in a given span of time.


It involves pulling the tip of the tongue backwards until it curls. When it has curled, gently move it forward and make sure it has touched the back side of the upper teeth. The process should also be done repeated times.


Like the name one should widely open his or her mouth and at that position say anything to easen the air and should be done once.


The process is done when the mouth is closed and one has to breathe hard and sharply through the nose. The process should be done also repeatedly in close to for sets.

Deep sniffs

It is easy to do one simply sticks the tongue out and allow breathing through the nasal. The process is effective if it is done more than ten times.


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